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A red fire hydrant with water gushing from it

During a heatwave, customers may be tempted to open hydrants in an effort to stay cool. While we agree that Cleveland Water is cool and refreshing, opening hydrants can be dangerous.

Opening a fire hydrant is illegal. The pressure and volume of water pushed out when one is opened can result in damage to property or serious personal injury. Improperly opening a hydrant can damage the water main it's connected to causing water service issues. And open hydrants draw children toward the street, which is a dangerous place to play.

Opening a hydrant also results in low water pressure to the homes, businesses, and other hydrants served by the water main that the hydrant is attached to. The drop in water pressure creates a danger to the public by reducing fire protection capability. If the Fire Department can’t get water or doesn’t have enough water pressure, they can’t do their vital job of saving lives and property.

Instead, residents should visit their local pools and recreation centers to keep cool on hot summer days. The City of Cleveland offers residents indoor and outdoor pools as well as spray parks.