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We know you work hard for your money. Your monthly bill is designed to make it easier for you to understand where your dollars are going. Here are some helpful tips to help you understand all of the charges on your water bill. 

Understanding Your Bill & Rates Brochure

An example of a sample bill from Cleveland Water


Account Details

This is where you can find important information about your account such as account number, the address where service is provided, and the date your bill is due.


Usage Comparison

See how your current water consumption compares to previous months (1 MCF = 7,480 gallons of water).


Important Messages about your Service

Here is where you find important messages from Cleveland Water about your water service.


Current Charge Details

This section details your Cleveland Water charges, including the fixed charge, which is based on meter size, and the consumption charge, which is based on how much water you use.


Local Charges

If Cleveland Water bills for your local community, here is where you will find details of your local charges (i.e. waste collection). If you have questions about these items, contact your local municipality.