Cleveland Water is proud to provide great service and a quality product to all of our customers. A permit is needed to connect to our system. Below are links to all of the forms needed to get a permit or comply with permit requirements.


Residential Service

Residential Service Permits

If would like to obtain water service for a 1- to 4-family, owner-occupied residence, you will need to complete a residential application. The residential application provides property owners, developers, contractors, and consultants with complete information on how to acquire water service.

Commercial Service

Commercial Service Permits

If you would like to obtain water service for a single facility, building, or structure, you must complete a commercial water service application. The commercial application provides property owners, developers, consultants, and contractors with a complete explanation of how to acquire water service for commercial properties.

Community Garden Permits

Cleveland Water has provided affordable water access for community gardens in the Summer Sprout Program for years. In working together with the Cleveland Department of Community Development, we have implemented a program to allow fire hydrant use for city-approved urban agriculture projects. For more information on this program or information on how to obtain a permit for a community garden, click on the image.

Temporary / Hydrant Permit

Temporary Permits and Hydrant Permits

In some instances, you may need a temporary source of water for a variety of uses. A non-permanent service connection requires a temporary/hydrant permit. Temporary/hydrant permits must be obtained in person. Click on the image for details on how to obtain this permit.