Crown Water Treatment Plant

City of Westlake

The Crown Water Treatment Plant is located in Westlake, Ohio -- a western suburb of Cleveland -- making it the only water treatment plant not located in the City of Cleveland. The plant was first put into service in 1958 and pumps an average of 41.5 million gallons of water a day to the residents and businesses of Cleveland’s Westside, including its Western and Southwestern suburbs.

From 2010 to 2013, the Crown Plant underwent significant renovations and upgrades, as part of our Plant Enhancement Project, at a cost of $10,000,000.00. Key improvements included: removing the gaseous chlorine system and transitioning over to a sodium hypochlorite (SHC) feed system for water disinfection; installing a water softener system to reduce SHC bulk delivery concentration from 12% to the engineered design feed rate of 6.5%; building a new Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) system with a new storage tank, two day tanks and three peristaltic hose pumps; updating the Plant Operator’s main control room; and installing new computer stations and screens.

Since 1958, the Crown Plant has pressed forward to optimize operational designs and enhance water production to lead the industry in providing safe drinking water to the public. The recent updates have led the Crown Plant to maintain a viable and reliable drinking water source for the City of Cleveland and the surrounding suburbs. In 2004, the Crown Water Treatment Plant received the Director’s Award for Phase III of the Partnership for Safe Water and has maintained that distinction for the past 12 years. The award signifies commitment and dedication in ensuring customers receive the highest quality of water possible through preventative measures based around optimizing treatment plant performance and distribution system operations.

With additional changes in plant enhancement over the last several years, the Crown Water Treatment Plant has been awarded the Phase IV of the Partnership for Safe Water. Receiving the Partnership IV Award represents the accumulation and recognition of hard work by Cleveland Water engineers, consultants and employee’s, which began in 1958 and continues today.