Cleveland Water Safe from Algae Bloom

In response to the reports of Toledo issuing a warning to its residents to not drink the water, Cleveland Water assures its customers that the water is safe to drink.

Cleveland Water remains safe to drink and continues to meet high quality standards. 

The Central Basin of Lake Erie that supplies Cleveland Water currently does not have the degree of algal growth that the Western Basin does. Our water supply remains safe and continues to be treated and distributed as normal. 

Cleveland Water has strategies in place to mitigate any increase in algae. We are continuously monitoring satellite imagery for algal blooms and have access to real-time data on lake conditions. We are in communication with other Lake Erie water systems and we are participating with the US EPA in monitoring for algal toxins. There have been no detects from Cleveland water to date. Our four water treatment plants are all closely monitoring incoming lake water for any indication of problems and are working hard to ensure quality water for the people we serve. 

We want to reassure our customers that we will monitor the situation around the clock, will take action if necessary to appropriately treat our water, and will notify our customers immediately if anything changes.