Homework Assignments

Homework is an important component of the Cleveland STEP experience and is to be completed monthly. It is based on each month’s tour and activities and given to the students at the end of each session. Homework is to be completed and returned at the next month’s session, even if the student misses the previous session.

Participating students need to click here to download the instructions on how to register/login and access homework and other documents for the program. 

  • September 18th - Orientation/NEORSD
  • October 16th - Cleveland Water
  • November 20th - Huntington Bank
  • December 11th - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • January 22nd - Greater Cleveland Aquarium
  • February 26th - National Engineers Week
  • March 19th - Dominion Energy
  • April 23rd - Final Session Celebration


Student Testimonials


Joshua Thomas

I love how we went on field trips mostly everywhere in Cleveland. I also loved how we were able to communicate well with each other.

Elle Ramos

The Cleveland STEP program is an amazing experience! You are showed so many new career options and ideas! I will be recommending this program to all of my friends because you meet so many new people!

Giselle Enid Cedeno

This year, Cleveland STEP was very interesting and enjoyable. I would love to recommend this program to others so that they can get the fun learning experience I did.

Aleidy Calderon

I enjoyed the opportunity to open up to more career choices. I would recommend this program because it shows you different and more in depth things you never knew.

Aidan Booker

From this program, I've met new people and made new friends. I most enjoyed going on field trips, especially the one where I went to Washkewicz College of Engineering. I would absolutely recommend this program to another student.  The program is educational, you learn new things and you meet new people who share the same interests.

Elijah Kundla

I have really enjoyed participating in Cleveland STEP this year and would recommend it to others interested in learning about science and engineering careers.  It has given me the opportunity to learn what various kinds of engineers and scientists do when they go to work each day.  My favorite visit was going to Edgewater Park to learn about the Shoreway Project.  It was that day that I came to understand how all the various kinds of engineers work together to solve many problems related to transportation, safety, water control, lighting, and erosion while also maintaining traffic while they are constructing the project.  I also really enjoyed learning how paint is made from the scientists at Sherwin Williams.