Test Your Service Line

Test Your Service Line

The customer-owned service line extends from the curb stop into your basement or crawl space. Identification of the type of material used for service lines and in-home plumbing can be done using a magnet and a penny. Your service line material should be tested where the line first enters the home, which is typically in the basement before the water meter  (see diagram). For printable magnet and penny test instructions, click here.

Pipe Test

Cleveland Water does not have information on the material types of customer-owned service lines and we need your help filling in this data for us so we can meet Ohio EPA requirements and plan future infrastructure improvement projects. After you perform the test, please complete the information below. You will need your billing account number.


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Please enter a street direction only if your street is numbered or the address on your water bill includes a direction. For example, E. 185.

Do NOT include the street type (Lane, Street, etc.). For example, use Fir instead of Fir Avenue.

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