Straight from the Tap

Archive: April 2023

Tap Water is the Smart Way to Stay Healthy & Hydrated

Did you know that drinking tap water is an easy way to stay healthy, save money, and help the planet?!

Spring 2023 Suburban Water Main Renewal Program Awards

Cleveland Water has awarded over $5 million to nine suburban communities for 15 water main replacement projects. This brings the total amount invested under the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program (SWMRP) to $200 million for 455 projects replacing over 800,000 feet of water main.

Hydration Tips for Runners

Proper hydration is one of the keys to feeling and performing your best while running.

What to Know About Seasonal Hydrant Flushing

Besides providing quality drinking water when and where you need, another important job of our water distribution system is to provide fire protection.