Lead Awareness

Cleveland Water is lead-free when it leaves our water treatment plants and travels through our water mains. As part of our Lead Awareness campaign, we want to make sure customers have the necessary information to keep them safe and the water they consume lead-free.

Download Lead Awareness Brochure:

Lead Awareness

What We Do

Cleveland Water is successful at reducing your potential for exposure to lead from water. Learn what we’ve been doing for more than 20 years to keep your water safe.

Door Notice

If Cleveland Water is working on your street, you may have received a colored door notice regarding lead. These notices have important information on actions customers immediately need to take.

Check. Test. Date.

Learn how to identify lead and understand your exposure risk using the "Check, Test, Date" method.

Clean. Flush. Consume Cold.

Clean, Flush and Consume Cold are daily actions all customers should take to ensure the highest quality of water is coming out of your tap, especially if there is the possibility of lead in your plumbing system and after a disruption of service.