Cleveland Heights Clear Reads Project

As part of the transition to Cleveland Water, new Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology meters will be installed in homes and businesses in Cleveland Heights and a small portion of University Heights previously served by the Cleveland Heights water system.

This state-of-the-art equipment will allow Cleveland Water to obtain meter readings on a daily, even hourly, basis without coming to your property, which means accurate and on-time bills and the ability to view and track water usage through our online web portal.

The benefits of having this technology installed include:

  • Reduces estimated reads
  • Increases the accuracy of your water bill
  • Enhances customer service
  • Provides early potential leak detection
  • Detailed water usage available through the customer web portal to better manage consumption
  • Increases efficiency and is environmentally friendly



Cleveland Heights Tabs

How does the Clear Reads technology work?
Each new/modified water meter will be connected to a small device (Endpoint) that is located on the outside of your home or business. The Endpoint will read the meter and transmit the read on an hourly basis and send a low-powered radio signal to electronic collectors throughout Cleveland Water’s service area. These collectors provide all of the information needed about water usage, eliminating the need for meters to be read manually or to have a truck drive past your home or business.

Am I required to participate in the Clear Reads Program?
Yes, participation in the Clear Reads Program is mandatory. Meters for all customers – residential and business – will be replaced or upgraded in order to provide more services.

How much will my Clear Reads installation cost?
There is NO COST to customers for the meter upgrade.

How will Clear Reads impact my bill?
As water meters age, they run slower and under-register water usage. The Clear Reads technology ensures customers pay for the water they use – no more and no less. Some customers may notice an increase in their water usage because the new meter is accurately measuring water usage.

When can I call to schedule my appointment?
You will receive a letter in the mail letting you know it is time to schedule your appointment. Once you receive that letter, just call the Clear Reads Call Center to schedule.

Will I have to be home during the installation?
Someone 18 years or older must be present for inside installations. Please secure all pets and provide three feet of clear space around the water meter. It your water meter is located outside of your home or business, no one is required to be home. If it is a rental property, please notify your tenants of the appointment as there may be a brief interruption in water service during the installation.

How do I identify the installer? How can I be sure the installer works for you?
We encourage customers to ask for identification from anyone who comes to your door – “No Identification = No Entry.” Clear Reads installers wear blue uniforms carry two forms of identification: a Clear Reads badge and a contractor company badge. Clear Reads vehicles and identification badges are white and display the Clear Reads and Cleveland Water logos. All installation activities are registered with the Cleveland Water customer service and security units.

What changes will you make to my home or business? How long will it take?
In most Cleveland Heights homes and businesses, water meters and the endpoint are currently located inside. As a part of the Clear Reads project, Cleveland Water will move the Endpoint to the outside of your home or business to enable us to receive meter reads remotely. This will require us to run wiring from your water meter to the outside of your property. In most instances, installation should take about an hour.

What if I have questions about my last meter read before my upgrade?
Digital photographs will be taken of the old meter should any questions arise about the last reading. 

Cleveland Water rates for Cleveland Heights customers will have three components:

1. Monthly Fixed Charge:

This charge is based on the size of the water meter at your home or business. Most residential customers will have a meter between 5/8 of a inch and 1 inch. Cleveland Water rates are set on 5 year cycles. The current rate cycle ends in the year 2020.

Meter Size 2017 2018 2019 2020
5/8" to 1" $9.00 $9.00 $9.00 $9.20
1 1/2" to 2" $17.65 $17.65 $17.65 $18.05
3" to 4" $60.00 $60.00 $60.00 $61.35
6" $106.65 $106.65 $106.65 $109.05
8" $160.00 $160.00 $160.00 $163.55
10" $203.35 $203.35 $203.35 $207.85
12" $243.35 $243.35 $243.35 $248.75


2. Consumption Charge:

This charge is based on the amount of water you use. The rate for usage is determined by the distance and elevation of your home or business from Lake Erie. Note: Cleveland Heights currently bills in units of CCF or 100 cubic feet. Cleveland Water bills in MCF or 1,000 cubic feet.

10 CCF = 1 MCF   ~   1 MCF = 7,480 Gallons of Water

Consumption Charges (per MCF) 2017 2018 2019 2020
1st High Service Area
0.0 – 0.2 MCF $25.04 $25.04 $26.74 $28.41
Additional MCF $42.56 $42.56 $45.45 $48.28
2nd High Service Area
0.0 – 0.2 MCF $30.82 $30.82 $32.92 $34.96
Additional MCF $52.39 $52.39 $55.95 $59.44


3. Transition Charge:

This charge is assessed for a term of 5 years for Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, South Euclid and East Cleveland customers, and 10 years for University Heights customers, to recover various costs associated with the transition.


Transition Rate*(per MCF)

Cleveland Heights $38.91 2017-2021
University Heights $11.81 2017-2026
South Euclid $30.74 2017-2021
East Cleveland $30.74 2017-2021
Shaker Heights $30.74 2017-2021

To see what your new Cleveland Water bill will look like, click here.

How will billing be different?
You will receive a monthly water bill from Cleveland Water and a monthly sewer bill from Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. You will also receive a quarterly bill from Cleveland Heights for landfill charges and local sewer maintenance.

When will I receive my first bill?
You will receive your last water bill from Cleveland Heights in January 2017. You will receive your first water bill from Cleveland Water in February 2017.

If my service is currently disconnected due to non-payment, will I automatically be turned on by Cleveland Water?
No. Upon the date of transition (January 3, 2017), all active Cleveland Heights accounts will be converted to Cleveland Water accounts.  If you are currently disconnected for non-payment, you must pay your balance in full to Cleveland Heights Water Division before Cleveland Water can turn your service on.  Although water is turned off by Cleveland Heights, CWD considers the account as active and will assess the monthly fixed charge even though there is no water usage.  Any balance with Cleveland Heights and Cleveland Water must be paid in full to ensure water service.

If my meter is currently malfunctioning, who pays?
Cleveland Water will change your meter to an automatic meter reader free of charge as part of the conversion in 2017. After the conversion is complete, the homeowner is responsible for the meter and outside service point remaining accessible for reads and repairs.

How is my rate determined?
Your rates are based on your distance from, and elevation above, Lake Erie. Most Cleveland Heights water customers are in the Second High service area, with a few customers located in the First High service area.

I have a question and need to get answers.
You can reach the Cleveland Water customer service department at 216.664.3130 for assistance. Representatives are ready to answer any questions you may have about service, billing, starting or terminating service.

When is Cleveland Water open?
Cleveland Water is open from 7:30 a.m.–5:30p.m. Monday-Friday. Emergency teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached at 216.664.3060

How can I identify a Cleveland Water employee who comes to my business or home?

          •    All employees are required to wear clothing with a Cleveland Water
                emblem or logo embroidered on the front of either their jacket or shirt

          •    Vehicles are white or blue and are marked with the Cleveland Water
                 logo on the door or side of the trucks

          •    All employees are issued Cleveland Water identification
                cards and they must be displayed for customers to see

For your safety, always ask for identification before allowing anyone into your home. Should someone posing as an employee refuse to show you their identification card, do not let them in and call 911.

Will my water bill be different with Cleveland Water?
Following the transition, you will receive two bills every month:

          •  One monthly bill from Cleveland Water for your water charges, and

          •  One monthly bill from the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) for your sewer charges.

Cleveland Heights will remain the local billing agent for landfill and local sewer maintenance. While your quarterly bill for these charges may be paid at Cleveland Heights City Hall, you will not be able to pay your Cleveland Water and NEORSD bills at Cleveland Heights City Hall.

I lost my water bill, what should I do?
Customers can sign up for paperless billing at Thier customers can make payments without fees, schedule automatic payments, view account history and set up text and email alerts. Customers can also call 216.664.3130 to request a duplicate bill.

I would like to pay my bill. Where and how can I pay my bill?
Cleveland Water offers several convenient ways to pay your bill.

          1. Online: 
     (Cleveland Water bills only)

          2. By Phone:
              Automated Phone Payment System (24 hours) 216.446.6834

          3. By Mail:
              Cleveland Water
              P.O. Box 94540 Cleveland, OH 44101-4540

          4. In Person:
              Carl B. Stokes Public Utilities Building
              1201 Lakeside Avenue
              Cleveland, Ohio 44114-1132

I received a water bill even though I was out of town for four months and didn’t use any water. Can you explain why?
Customers who use no water must pay a minimum monthly customer service charge based on meter size, to ensure that water service is available to the property.

Several water bills have piled up on me. What should I do to take care of them?
Customers can contact the collections department at 216.664.2700. A representative will help you structure a plan to pay your bills in full and avoid any interruption in service.

Can I pay my water and sewer bill with one check?
No, checks should be written separately to pay your water bill to Cleveland Water and sewer bill to Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

Can I still pay my water and sewer bills at Cleveland Heights?
No, unless the bill is for past due amounts from Cleveland Heights Water. Payments should be made directly to Cleveland Water and Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

I’m a senior citizen. Am I eligible for discounted water service?
Cleveland Water offers a variety of discount programs to help our customers save money on their water bills and find assistance to make necessary plumbing repairs.

• THE AFFORDABILITY PROGRAM Cleveland Housing Network 888.901.1222, offers a 40% discount on all standard water charges. You must own and live at the applying service address and have a total household income at, or below, the current income guidelines.

• THE HOMESTEAD DISCOUNT PROGRAM Cleveland Water 216.664.3130, offers a lower fixed charge and consumption rate. To qualify you must be 65 years of age or older OR be permanently and totally disabled; own and live at the property; and, meet income requirements.

• THE SUMMER SPRINKLING PROGRAM NEORSD 216.881.8247, offers reduced residential sewer bills during the summer months. To participate in the program, your sewer bill must reflect charges from NEORSD and you must own and live at the residence.

• WATER LINE PROTECTION PROGRAMS Dominion Products and Services, Inc. 888.396.5374, offers affordable solutions to eliminate the cost and stress of unexpected repairs to water and sewer pipes and in-home plumbing systems.

* Customers already enrolled in Cleveland Heights’ Homestead or Summer Sprinkling programs will not need to reapply for 2017.

I have questions about water quality. Who do I contact?
The health of our customers and community is of vital importance to us. Cleveland Water works hard to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality water at all times. We are confident your water is safe and we are ready to answer your questions. If you want more information, visit our website, view our Water Quality Report, or call our Water Quality Line at 216.664.2639.

Whom should I call if a water main breaks?
Call the Emergency Dispatch (or Communication) Center at 216.664.3060 for broken mains, missing manhole covers, poor water pressure, and depressions where water main work has been performed.

Who should I call if my sewer backs up into my basement?
Contact Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) at 216.888.6600

If I need to make repairs, whom should I call to have my water turned off or on?
Call the customer service department at 216.664.3130 between 7:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. Any emergencies after 5:30 p.m. call the Emergency Dispatch (or Communication) Center at 216.664.3060.

How can I schedule an inspection to make sure my plumbing repairs are up to code?
Customers can call the Permit & Sales department at 216.664.2444 ext. 5209 to schedule an inspector to come out and check plumbing after repairs have been carried out to verify that the work was done to code. This pertains to meter related plumbing and the outside line to the point of entry of the home only.

Important numbers to remember.

          1. Billing Issue (Water & Sewer) Cleveland Water 216.664.3130

          2. Leaks & Breaks Cleveland Water Emergency Line 216.664.3060

          3. Automated Phone Payment System 216.446.6834