Straight from the Tap

Why You Should Know How You Use Water


It’s easy to take for granted how simple it is for us to access clean, safe water. We take a shower, brush our teeth, and fill a glass - all by just turning on the tap.

Water is an important part of our daily lives and we use it for a wide variety of purposes, but do we really know how we use water - and how much?

By understanding how you use water in your home every day, you can start finding ways to conserve water and save money.

Based on data from the Water Research Foundation, the image below shows exactly how much water an average Cleveland household uses and how that translates directly to your bill.

For example: Did you know that toilet flushing is the largest indoor water use for most families? It accounts for 30% of your indoor water use and 17% of your total water use.

But by replacing an old, inefficient toilet with a newer model, the average family can reduce water used for toilets by 20 to 60%, saving nearly 13,000 gallons of water every year!

You can know exactly how much water your home uses by signing up for the Cleveland Water web portal. Once you create an account, you can see your actual water usage by the day or even by the hour.

Knowing how much water you use, as well as when you use it, is an essential step in saving water and taking control of costs.

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