Straight from the Tap

Spring 2022 Suburban Water Main Renewal Program Awards


Cleveland Water has awarded over $6 million to six suburban service communities for 16 water main replacement projects. These awards are part of our $25 million annual capital investment in buried infrastructure.

Twice annually, in April and September, Cleveland Water awards funding for water main projects in direct service suburban cities through the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program (SWMRP). The SWMRP provides suburban communities with a mechanism to have their water mains replaced at no direct cost to them.

In 2007, Cleveland Water partnered with the Suburban Water Council of Governments – the advisory body representing the suburbs Cleveland provides water to – to launch the SWMRP.  The intent of the program is to renew and replace water infrastructure in direct service suburbs in order to reduce water loss, lower maintenance costs, and provide enhanced customer service. To date, over $185 million has been invested in 431 projects replacing over 765,000 feet of water mains throughout 37 communities.

Prior to this program, suburban governments owned water mains smaller than 20 inches in their respective communities. While Cleveland Water was responsible for the maintenance and repair of broken mains, suburban communities were financially responsible for replacing or rehabilitating the infrastructure.

To join the program, suburbs must enter into a Restated Water Service Agreement (RWSA) that transfers ownership of their distribution system to Cleveland Water. Cleveland Water then takes over the responsibility of making capital improvements to the water distribution system in those suburbs. Accordingly, we have committed approximately $15 million annually to finance water main projects under the program.

Twice each year, eligible suburbs can submit applications for proposed projects in their community. Projects are chosen based on an objective scoring model. Criteria include main break rate, fire protection, water quality issues, and removal of lead service lines.

While Cleveland Water provides project funding and oversight, each local suburb usually manages the design and construction process. SWMRP funds are often used to leverage additional funding sources for sewer or roadway projects that are done simultaneously with the water main work.

Community   Street   Boundaries   CWD Funding (Est.)
East Cleveland   Brightwood St.   Euclid Ave. to Forest Hill Ave.   $340,599
East Cleveland   Woodlawn Ave.   Euclid Ave. to Forest Hill Ave.   $190,677
East Cleveland   Forest Hill Ave.   Idlewood Ave. to Lakeview Rd.   $419,199
East Cleveland   Lakeview Ave.   Forest Hill Ave. to City Limit   $94,611
East Cleveland   Penrose Ave.   Euclid Ave. to Forest Hill Ave.   $289,655
East Cleveland   Wardena St.   Euclid Ave. to Forest Hill Ave.   $346,422
Euclid   E. 220th St.   Lakeshore Blvd. to North End   $493,432
Garfield Heights   Shady Oak Blvd.   E. 122nd St. to E. 135th St.   $751,065
Garfield Heights   Henry St.   Center Ave. to Marguerite Ave.   $142,644
Garfield Heights   McCracken Rd.   Turney Rd. to E. 131st St..   $352,244
Garfield Heights   E. 93rd St.   David Rd. to Plymouth Ave.   $195,044
Newburgh Heights   E.26th St.   Harvard Ave. to North End   $241,622
Parma   North Ave.   State Rd. to Broadview Rd.   $1,275,064
South Euclid   Montagno Blvd.   Monarch Rd. to Angela Dr.   $135,366
South Euclid   .Ardendale Rd.   S. Green Rd. to Cottage Rd.   $264,911
South Euclid   Maywood Rd.   Rainbow Rd. to Division Rd.   $684,110
        Total   $6,216,667