Straight from the Tap

Partnerships Help Ensure Clean and Safe Drinking Water


Cleveland Water takes pride in ensuring the water we treat and deliver to your tap meets and exceeds federal and state water quality regulations as well as industry standards.

Our partnerships with federal agencies like NOAA are a key element to ensuring reliable access to clean and safe drinking water for our 1.5 million customers. We rely on NOAA’s tracking of real-time water quality conditions in our source water, Lake Erie.

Like most other public water systems in the Great Lakes, we depend on data and support from local, state, and federal partners. Collectively, our partners have access to billions of dollars’ worth of satellite systems, ships, buoys, aircraft, research facilities, high-performance computing, and information management and distribution systems.

Water quality data collected by partners like NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, Great Lakes Observing System, and Ohio EPA help us develop models like the Lake Erie Hypoxia Forecast Model. This model gives us advance warnings when water with less than desirable quality—such as low oxygen or pH—could enter our water intakes. This data is crucial because it allows us to know in advance if adjustments might be needed in our water treatment process so our customers never notice a difference at the tap

Being able to adapt quickly to potentially harmful water changes is important to our community and local economy. Ocean Conservancy and Great Lakes Outreach Media captured our work with the partnership that created the Lake Erie Hypoxia Forecast Model in this new video, where we show how we work with our stakeholders to monitor Lake Erie and continue improving our water treatment system.

Cleveland Water has a long history of using technology and innovation to advance the clean water cause. Moving forward, we are excited to continue working with partners like NOAA to build on this history. These collaborative partnerships, along with innovative technology and tools, are what ensure we can continue delivering safe and clean drinking water to our customers well into the future.