Straight from the Tap

Lead Monitoring Levels Well Below Federal Action Level


Cleveland Water’s Lead Compliance Monitoring results show that the drinking water we deliver continues to be safe from lead even in homes that have lead in plumbing.

The testing was conducted earlier this year at homes throughout our service area known to have lead in their plumbing system. The results showed 90% of water samples from these homes had lead levels below 2.1 parts per billion (ppb) and all samples were below the 15 ppb federal action level. This means even if your home has lead in its plumbing system, it should be safe from lead when you use water regularly.

Our Lead Compliance Monitoring levels have been below the federal action level of 15 ppb since 1997 when we began adding orthophosphate to our treatment process and below 5 ppb for more than 12 years. We know, however, that any amount of lead presents a health risk and are working to minimize any possible risk through lead line replacement and lead awareness education.

Lead Compliance Monitoring is one of many routine water quality tests that we’re required to perform to ensure safe drinking water. Ohio EPA sets the requirements for sampling and reporting. Because of our effective treatment techniques and history of low lead levels, Ohio EPA has granted Cleveland Water a reduced monitoring schedule requirement for over 20 years.

Water samples are taken from homes throughout our 640-square mile service area that meet Ohio EPA's definition of Tier 1 Sampling Sites. If you have a single-family home and a lead service line you can volunteer to be a part of future Lead and Copper Compliance Monitoring efforts by calling 216-664-2882 or emailing

If you’re concerned about lead in your drinking water, our Lead Awareness brochure details the three healthy water habits of “Clean. Flush. Consume Cold,” which all customers should take in their homes especially those lead service line. It also outlines the steps of “Check. Test. Date.” which can help you determine if you have a lead service line or plumbing fixtures that contain lead.