Straight from the Tap

Keep Fire Hydrants in Mind When Shoveling Snow


Cleveland Water supplies water to nearly 75,000 fire hydrants across the 80 communities we serve. Help us and local firefighters by keeping hydrants clear of snow.

After a heavy snowfall, hydrants can become buried by snowplows, snowblowers, or shoveling. In an emergency, every second counts. And if hydrants are blocked or covered by snow it can result in a loss of crucial time during an emergency.

Fire department pumper trucks contain a limited amount of water (about 500 gallons) to allow for immediate action upon arriving at the scene of an emergency. But quick access to a hydrant is critical to maintaining water flow. If a hydrant is buried in snow, firefighters can lose valuable time trying to locate it in order to connect hoses.

That’s why we ask property owners to help keep hydrants clear and readily accessible to firefighters. Don't pile snow on hydrants when clearing snow from driveways or sidewalks. And clearing at least three feet around a hydrant is recommended to give firefighters adequate access.