Straight from the Tap

Customer alerts Cleveland Water to possible phone scam


Thanks to a concerned customer, we were recently notified of a possible scam targeting Cleveland Water customers. The scam involves someone calling our customers claiming they are from the “Cleveland Water Department” and trying to collect money for a delinquent bill. The caller threatens to have the water turned off if the bill is not paid immediately.

If you receive such a call, it is important to know what you should expect from Cleveland Water and what options are available to you. The majority of our credit and collections process is handled via official written correspondence. While some calls are made by our Credit and Collections Manager or designees, Cleveland Water Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) do not call customers to request money over the phone.  

Should you receive a call from Cleveland Water, you always have the option to request more information about the caller. If you want to check to be sure it is a legitimate call, ask the caller for their name and extension and tell them that you will call them back immediately. Hang up and call the Cleveland Water Customer Service line at 216-664-3130. If the caller refuses or will not provide you with the information, hang up and report the call, and the caller’s name and phone number, to your local police department.