Straight from the Tap

Cleveland STEP Students Learn About Water Meters


October’s Cleveland STEP session consisted of an insightful presentation from Cleveland Water.

Cleveland STEP students learned why there is a cost associated with Cleveland Water’s treatment and distribution process. Scott Sponseller, Superintendent of Distribution, conveyed why Meter Operations is critical to the services provided by Cleveland Water. He provided visual examples of water meters and their respective functionality for homes, businesses, hospitals, and parks. Students participated in an escape room where they were asked to virtually assist facilitators to locate a missing water meter. They concluded with a Kahoots activity designed to stimulate their thought process as it pertains to the daily use of drinking water.

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We are excited for the future of our Cleveland STEP scholars and look forward to continuing our virtual experience in the fall. Applications are still being accepted for this season. Learn more about the Cleveland Student Technical Enrichment Program, which provides educational outreach to students in the 6th through 9th grades interested in science, technology, engineering, and math.