Straight from the Tap

Bill Assistance Programs Available to Customers


At Cleveland Water, we work hard to provide safe, quality drinking water at a fair and reasonable rate. We know that’s not always enough though.

That’s why we transitioned to monthly billing, bill the first 1,500 gallons of water each month at a discounted rate, and offer payment plans to help customers who are behind on their bills.

We also offer two assistance programs to assist income-eligible customers with the cost of their water bills.

Homestead Program

Our Homestead Program offers a lower fixed charge and consumption rate. For an average customer, this amounts to a 50% discount. To qualify, customers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 65 years or older, or totally and permanently disabled;
  • Own and live at the service address; and
  • Have a total household income of $34,500 or less.

To enroll in the Homestead Discount Program, customers must complete and submit an application. You can download the application here or call 216-664-3130 to have one sent to you. Completed applications should be mailed to: Division of Water, Homestead Unit, P.O. Box 94687, Cleveland, Ohio 44101-4687

Once enrolled, your program eligibility period is good for 3 years, after which a renewal application is required. 

Water Affordability Program

The Water Affordability Program administered by CHN Housing Partners offers a 40% discount on water charges. To qualify, customers must:

CHN Housing Partners also offers a variety of services and programs to help lower utility-related costs, assist residents in paying past due utility bills, and avoid service interruptions. For income guidelines, questions, or an application, visit or call 216-774-2349.