Straight from the Tap

2019 Cleveland Water Main Replacement Projects


Cleveland Water has 5,300 miles of underground pipe. Placed end to end those pipes would stretch from Cleveland to Athens, Greece

Many of these pipes were laid in the early to mid-20th century. With a lifespan of around 100 years, it means those pipes are reaching the end of their useful life.

For this reason, replacing and rehabilitating aging water mains has become a primary focus both for Cleveland Water and water systems nationwide.

The average Cleveland resident’s bill is $28. And $0.41 of every one of those dollars goes to investing in the maintenance and improvement of our physical assets to guarantee our customers a reliable supply of safe, clean drinking water.

We make these improvements through our Capital Improvement Program (CIP). We use the CIP to identify infrastructure needs, prioritize projects, and schedule them through a multi-year plan that ensures the most effective and efficient use of rate-payer dollars.

To address aging water mains and ensure that our customers have the high-quality water they expect delivered when and where they need it, Cleveland Water has focused its CIP projects on underground infrastructure.

This means investing $26 million a year in capital funds to replace aging water mains across our service area.

Warm weather brings that start of this year’s main replacement projects. This year we’re investing $5.6 million to replace 14,000 feet of water mains in the city of Cleveland. Below is a list of scheduled projects. Work outside the city of Cleveland is funded by our Suburban Water Main Renewal Program.

The purpose of these projects is to replace existing water mains with new mains that will improve the reliability of water being supplied to homes and businesses in the community. We try to accomplish this work with as minimal inconvenience as possible.

If you live or work in a project area, you’ll receive more specific information about that project and what to expect during construction.

Water main replacement work will take place on the following street sections:

  • West 31st St. from Garden Ave. to dead end
  • Garden Ave. from West 31st St. to West 25th St.
  • West 31st St. from Bradwell Ave. to Denison Ave.
  • East 157th St. from Waterloo Rd. to Connector Road
  • East 158th St. from Waterloo Rd. to Connector Road
  • East 160th St. from Waterloo Rd. to Connector Road
  • East 148th St. from Harvard Ave. to Judson Dr.
  • East 150th St. from Harvard Ave. to Judson Dr.
  • East 151st St. from Harvard Ave. to Judson Dr.
  • Lotus Dr. from Miles Ave. to East 154th St.
  • East 151st St. from East 151st St.
  • East 175th St. from Miles Ave. south to dead end
  • West Blvd. from Desmond Ave. to Detroit Ave.
  • West 145th St. from Puritas Ave. to Sprengel Ave.
  • Methyl Ave. from East 116th St. to dead end

Learn more about these and other infrastructure projects here.