Straight from the Tap

Cleveland Water's First Engineer

Theodore Ransom Scowden was a nationally recognized engineer, architect, inventor, and hydraulics expert.

Cleveland's First Waterworks

In 1850, at the behest of Mayor William Case, Cleveland City Council appointed a committee to address the issue of providing a sufficient supply of “pure water” for the city’s growing population. At the time, all of Cleveland’s drinking water came from springs, wells, canals, and the Cuyahoga River.

Water Smart Fall Lawn & Garden Tips

It’s officially fall! Which means the backyard barbeques and runs through the sprinkler are winding down and instead, the pool is getting drained and patio furniture stored away. Fall is also the time to prep your lawn and garden for the cold winter months ahead. Here are a few tips to keep your lawn and garden in shape while staying water-smart.

Discolored Water Notification for Eastside Service Area

UPDATE September 5, 2021

The hypoxic lake water has moved and is no longer affecting our treatment plant. We will continue flushing hydrants to help clear residual discolored water. The water remains safe to drink.

Cleveland Water Looking for Homes to Participate in Innovative Water Research Project

UPDATE: Cleveland Water has surpassed the number of volunteers needed for the USEPA-Battelle research project. However, we are always looking for homes to become long-term Lead and Copper Compliance Monitoring sample collection sites. Specifically, we are looking for homes that have customer-side lead service lines (Learn how to test your service line here). To learn more or volunteer, call 216-664-2639 or email

Tap Water is the Smart Way to Stay Healthy & Hydrated

Did you know that drinking tap water is an easy way to stay healthy, save money, and help the planet?!

Keep Cool & Safe: Never Open Hydrants to Beat the Heat

During a heatwave, some residents may open hydrants in an effort to beat the heat. While we agree that Cleveland Water is cool and refreshing, opening hydrants can be dangerous.

Protect our Water Source with the Three Rs

Our treatment process can take anything out of the water to make it safe for you to drink, but it’s easier and cheaper if we don’t have to. The first step in providing affordable, fresh water to your tap is keeping our source water clean. We all have a role in that.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Nottingham Road Closed between St. Clair Avenue and Euclid Avenue

UPDATE: As of July 8, street restoration work is complete and Nottingham Road is fully open.

Beat the Heat: How to Stay Hydrated

Proper hydration is absolutely essential for our health. Our bodies are about 60% water and the water we drink regulates body temperature and blood pressure, keeps muscles and joints moving, moves waste out of the body, and aids in digestion.