How does the Clear Reads technology work?
Each new/modified water meter will be connected to a small device (Endpoint) that is located on the outside of your home or business. The Endpoint will read the meter and transmit the read on an hourly basis and send a low-powered radio signal to electronic collectors throughout Cleveland Water’s service area. These collectors provide all of the information needed about water usage, eliminating the need for meters to be read manually or to have a truck drive past your home or business.

Am I required to participate in the Clear Reads Program?
Yes, participation in the Clear Reads Program is mandatory. Meters for all customers – residential and business – will be replaced or upgraded in order to provide more services.

How much will my Clear Reads installation cost?
There is NO COST to customers for the meter upgrade.

How will Clear Reads impact my bill?
As water meters age, they run slower and under-register water usage. The Clear Reads technology ensures customers pay for the water they use – no more and no less. Some customers may notice an increase in their water usage because the new meter is accurately measuring water usage.

When can I call to schedule my appointment?
You will receive a letter in the mail letting you know it is time to schedule your appointment. Once you receive that letter, just call the Clear Reads Call Center to schedule.

Will I have to be home during the installation?
Someone 18 years or older must be present for inside installations. Please secure all pets and provide three feet of clear space around the water meter. It your water meter is located outside of your home or business, no one is required to be home. If it is a rental property, please notify your tenants of the appointment as there may be a brief interruption in water service during the installation.

How do I identify the installer? How can I be sure the installer works for you?
We encourage customers to ask for identification from anyone who comes to your door – “No Identification = No Entry.” Clear Reads installers wear blue uniforms carry two forms of identification: a Clear Reads badge and a contractor company badge. Clear Reads vehicles and identification badges are white and display the Clear Reads and Cleveland Water logos. All installation activities are registered with the Cleveland Water customer service and security units.

What changes will you make to my home or business? How long will it take?
In most Cleveland Heights homes and businesses, water meters and the endpoint are currently located inside. As a part of the Clear Reads project, Cleveland Water will move the Endpoint to the outside of your home or business to enable us to receive meter reads remotely. This will require us to run wiring from your water meter to the outside of your property. In most instances, installation should take about an hour.

What if I have questions about my last meter read before my upgrade?
Digital photographs will be taken of the old meter should any questions arise about the last reading.