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Getting to Know the Nottingham Water Treatment Plant

The Nottingham Water Treatment Plant is one of Cleveland Water’s four interconnected water treatment plants, built on seventy-seven acres of City owned property bounded by St. Clair Avenue, Chardon Road, the Nickel Plate Railroad and Euclid Creek. Nottingham was built to help meet increased demand spurred by a sudden growth in suburban residents on the east side in the 1940s.  Nottingham was placed into service in September 1951. The cost of building the plant, including the Intake extending several miles out into Lake Erie, was approximately $21 million.

A Moment in History – The Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant

In a city that sits at the midpoint of a lake with over 100 trillion gallons of water, it is surprising to many that the lake was not the origin of this city’s water supply. It wasn’t until the mid 1850’s that water from the lake became the main supply source; before that, water came from spring wells and was not filtered, leading to many water borne diseases such as cholera and dysentery.