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Staying Hydrated in High Temperatures is Key

We welcome summer by celebrating our favorite time of the year outdoors with cookouts and picnics, vacations, and getting the chance to do some of our favorite outdoor activities like biking, swimming and gardening. But being in the sun all day can have its consequences if we don’t protect ourselves from sunburn or heat stroke. As a result, we find our days of fun in the sun ending with trips to the emergency room. That’s why we stress the importance of staying hydrated while you’re doing your favorite activities.  And guess what?

Learn How You Can Save Before You Fill Your Pool

Now that summer seems to have actually made it to Northeast Ohio, you’re probably getting your pool ready as quickly as possible in order to stay cool. In case you didn’t know, Cleveland Water allows customers to fill pools from a hydrant in order to help save money.

Fun Mid-Summer Community Events Make Everyone Happy!

Lots of fun was had at the 12th Annual Family Unity in the Park event at Luke Easter Park, this past Saturday! A large health fair was part of the event, with Cleveland Clinic offering free screening services for blood pressure, diabetes and more for adults. A kiddie park was also on site for younger children (which sounds much more enjoyable). Throughout the day, live performances by nationally and locally acclaimed artists entertained the masses.