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Tapping into S.T.E.P. Graduation

The S.T.E.P. Program celebrated the graduation of its 21st class this month. S.T.E.P is an educational outreach program designed to peak students' interests in career fields involving mathematics, science, engineering and other technical related fields. For seven months, students completed educational tours, journal assignments and homework assignments.

How to Tap into becoming a Student of STEP

The Student Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) is an education outreach program whose objective is to; provide educational experiences that heighten the interest of students in science, technology, engineering, and math beyond what the students learn in the classroom. STEP provides educational tours, develops a linkage between students, educational institutions, and businesses within their community, and establishes a foundation where students can envision themselves in these fields of study.

Tapping into S.T.E.P. with Cleveland Water

Cleveland Water knows that our youth are the leaders of tomorrow. We recognize that a good education is the best hope for achieving a more just and humane America - and a better world. Science, engineering, technology, and mathematics can play important roles in the futures of our youth, regardless of their ultimate choices of professions.