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The Importance of Hydrant Flushing

Aside from providing quality drinking water when and where you need it, another important purpose of the Cleveland Water distribution system is to provide essential fire protection to homes and businesses. 

Morgan Surge Tank Artwork Approved by Cleveland Planning Commission

Driving along the Shoreway on Cleveland’s near west side will soon become a more artistic experience.

A final design that will be painted on Cleveland Water’s Garrett Morgan Surge Tank was approved today by the Cleveland City Planning Commission. Representatives from Cleveland Water, along with staff from LAND studio, presented artist Sam3’s design in a Friday morning meeting.

Why Do More Water Main Breaks Occur During Winter?

Have you ever tried to dig a hole in the middle of winter only to find that the ground was frozen? When air temperatures drop below 32°F, the water in soil starts to freeze. The depth to which the ground freezes is called the frost line. The colder the winter and the longer the cold, the deeper the frost line will go causing more breaks and leaks on underground water infrastructure. 

10 Years of the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program

In 2007, Cleveland Water partnered with the Suburban Water Council of Governments to launch the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program (SWMRP), with the intent to renew local water mains in direct service suburbs.

2017 Recap: Focusing on Underground Infrastructure

Now that winter is here, Cleveland Water pipe repair crews have to battle the bitter cold temperatures as well as an increase in water main breaks. We experience an increase in breaks during the winter season because of the freeze and thaw process. Since we know this is coming, we take preventative measures throughout the year to try and reduce some of the breaks leading up to the winter season. One of the biggest ways we work to address this issue is through our Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Cleveland Water: Working hard to reduce Water Loss

By Jason Wood, Chief of Public Affairs, DPU

As residents of Northeast Ohio, we are blessed to have a great and ample source of water – Lake Erie – in our backyard. This wonderful natural resource supports a variety of jobs and recreation opportunities, and provides a high quality source for our drinking water.

Time to Build: Investing in Our Infrastructure

Infrastructure Week is a national week of events, media coverage, and education and advocacy efforts, set to shine a spotlight on infrastructure as a critical issue that affects everyone. This year’s Infrastructure Week theme is Time to Build – “urging leaders and citizens to highlight the state of our nation’s infrastructure and encourage policymakers to invest in the projects, technologies, and policies necessary to make America competitive, prosperous, and safe.”

Investing In Our Assets

We know a reliable supply of safe drinking water is critical to the success of our region. Northeast Ohio is blessed with a great and ample source of water – Lake Erie – but it takes a lot of work and infrastructure to deliver it to our 1.4 million customers. Cleveland, like most other older cities, is facing an inevitable aging of its infrastructure.