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Cleveland Water Presents 2020 Budget

On Monday, Cleveland Water presented its portion of Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s 2020 proposed budget. Director of Public Utilities Robert Davis and Cleveland Water Commissioner Alex Margevicius presented to Cleveland City Council an overview of the division, performance metrics, financial statistics, and a review of recently completed and upcoming capital projects.

Cleveland Water 2018 Budget Focuses on Infrastructure

This morning, Department of Public Utilities Director Robert Davis and Cleveland Water Commissioner Alex Margevicius presented Cleveland Water’s proposed budget for 2018 to Cleveland City Council.

Bond Refunding: What it Means for Cleveland Water Customers

Cleveland Water will see an overall savings of $25.9 million in future debt payments by refunding previously issued revenue bonds with new bonds issued this year. The new issuance consists of $113,585,000 of water revenue bonds, the proceeds of which will refund water revenue bonds from 2012 and 2007.

Cleveland Water's 2017 Budget Presentation

Today, we joined Cleveland Public Utilities and Cleveland City Council to discuss our 2017 budget. Please click here to see the summary presentation.