Suburban Water Main Renewal Program

Cleveland Water’s $26 million annual capital investment in buried infrastructure not only covers the City of Cleveland but also the suburban cities that we provide direct service to. Water main projects in these cities are funded through the Suburban Water Main Renewal Program (SWMRP).

Below is a list of the spring water main replacement projects awarded in 2019 as part of our SWMRP. While Cleveland Water provides project funding and oversight, each local suburb manages the design and construction process, which usually begins several years after the initial award announcement.

Community Street Boundaries CWD Funding
Spring Award
Euclid Monterrey Rd East 185th St. to  East 200th St. $759,677
Garfield Heights East 90th St. Reed Ave. to Garfield Blvd. $254,030
Garfield Heights East 115th St. Edgepark Dr. to Wallingford Ave. $332,220
Garfield Heights Shadyoak Blvd. Turney Rd. to East 122nd St. $178,660
Garfield Heights Wadsworth Ave. Turney Rd. to East 110th St. $312,680
Lyndhurst Haverston Rd. Dorsett Rd. to Rae Rd. $329,406
Maple Heights Hollywood Ave. Maple Hts. Blvd. to Waterbury Ave. $757,032
Maple Heights Mapleboro Ave. West Blvd. to Clement Ave. $365,061
Parma Brookdale Ave. State Rd. to West 24th St. $926,600
Parma Fortune Ave. State Rd. to West 24th St. $927,165
Parma Grovewood Ave. State Rd. to West 24th St. $925,188
Rocky River Collver Rd. Frazier Dr. to Argyle Oval $163,500
Rocky River Morewood Pkwy. Wagar Rd. to Railroad $785,100
Rocky River Oak Rd. Frazier Dr. to Argyle Oval $172,500
Fall Award
Will be announced later this year.