Straight from the Tap

Archive: January 2017

Billing Made Simpler with Payment Options

One of the benefits to being a Cleveland Water customer is knowing that when paying your bill, you have options that make it as convenient as possible. And with the switch over to monthly billing, paying your bills on-time could not be any easier. 

Let’s take a look at some of the available options:


Discount Programs Available for Low-Income Cleveland Water Customers

Did you know we offer discount programs for low-income residents to help you more easily manage your water and sewer utility costs? Each program has specific age, income and residency requirements. You can learn more, find out if you qualify and apply here.

Enjoy Billing Made Simple With An Online Cleveland Water Account

Have you created your account on yet?  Our interactive web portal provides you with handy and important information about your Cleveland Water account at the click of a button.

No Water Rate Increases in 2017 - How Did We Do It?

This month about half of our customers are receiving their first water bills in 2017 (everyone else will see their first bill in February). Some are getting their final quarterly bill while others are getting their first monthly bill. Whether you are receiving a quarterly or monthly bill, you’ll note that your Cleveland Water rates are staying the same in 2017. This is the second year in a row with no rate increases, and that will continue into 2018 as well. It’s not always that utility companies can do that for you, so naturally, it begs the question “how did we do it?”

Remember, Protect Your Home BEFORE Temperatures Drop

It seems winter may be back this weekend with snow and temperatures in the 20s and 30s. Remember to protect your home from unnecessary damage and costly repairs with these simple steps to help prevent your water pipes and meters from freezing when temperatures drop:

Controlling costs for all Cleveland Water customers

Recently, there has been discussion about Cleveland Water’s use of tax liens to recover costs associated with water service. We wanted to take a quick moment to provide some additional context and clarity to an issue that, when portrayed inaccurately or incompletely, can generate unnecessary concern among our customers.

Monthly Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to receive your first Cleveland Water monthly bill? As you may be aware, our switch from quarterly to monthly billing starts this month, and we just wanted to make sure we’ve covered all of your questions in regards to the transition. Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions below andvisit our website for more information, a sample bill to preview, and additional FAQs:

1. Will more frequent bills mean estimated readings?