Cleveland STEP

Our Cleveland STEP (Student Technical Enrichment Program) 2017-18 class is now in full session. We are no longer accepting students. Our application period for the 2018-19 class will reopen in March 2018, and applications will be due in mid-July. We invite you to visit this page between now and early May to enjoy photos and stories from this year’s program.

At Cleveland STEP, students visit premier institutions where STEM professionals engage with students, conduct experiments, participate in hands-on experiences and share the exciting fields of math, science, engineering and technology. At Cleveland STEP you’ll inspire your curiosity and build toward your very own career in a STEM field.

This year’s class will explore the world of science, technology, engineering and math with these premier institutions:   

  • Osborn Engineering and Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Sherwin-Williams Research and Development
  • Fenn Academy - CSU Washkewicz College of Engineering
  • Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD)
  • Global Center for Health Innovation
  • Karpinski Engineering
  • Cleveland Water - Baldwin Water Treatment Plant

Students entering the 6th through 9th grades at any school in the Cleveland Water/NEORSD service area are eligible for participation. Our free, fun, safe and age-appropriate activities are vetted by STEM professionals. The program is held 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. one Saturday of each month September through April. If you or a student you know may be interested, applications will be available on this site in March. For more information about Cleveland STEP, contact our Education and Outreach office at 216-664-3173 or by email at


Homework Assignment

Homework is an important component of the Cleveland STEP experience and is to be completed monthly. It is based on each month’s tour and activities and given to the students at the end of each session. Homework is to be completed and returned at the next month’s session, even if the student misses the previous session.

September 16 Session - NEORSD Open House Tour

October 21 Session - Osborn Engineering and ODOT

November 18 Session - CSU Washkewicz College of Engineering

December 9 Session - Sherwin - Williams Research and Development


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Sherwin - Williams Research and Development


CSU Washkewicz College of Engineering



Osborn Engineering and ODOT