Straight from the Tap

Discount Programs Available for Low-Income Cleveland Water Customers


Did you know we offer discount programs for low-income residents to help you more easily manage your water and sewer utility costs? Each program has specific age, income and residency requirements. You can learn more, find out if you qualify and apply here.

Cleveland Water's Homestead Program
Cleveland Water’s Homestead Discount Program offers a lower fixed charge and consumption rate. To qualify for the Homestead Discount Program as a Cleveland Water customer, you must be 65 years of age or older, or totally and permanently disabled at any age. You must also be the deeded owner of the property and you must occupy the property. The property cannot have more than four units. In addition, your total household income cannot exceed $33,000 for 2017.

To enroll in, and continue to receive benefits from, Cleveland Water’s Homestead Program, you must submit an annual application directly to Cleveland Water. Applications and more information are available at or by calling (216) 664-3130.

Water Affordability Program
The Affordability Program, administered by the Cleveland Housing Network, offers a 40% discount on all standard water charges. This includes both the quarterly fixed cost recovery charge and the consumption charge. To qualify for the Affordability Program, you must own and live at the applying service address and your total household income must be at, or below, current income guidelines. For income guidelines, questions or application, please visit or contact the Cleveland Housing Network at (888) 901-1222.

Cleveland Housing Network also offers a variety of services and programs to help lower utility related costs, promote electric and water conservation, assist residents in catching up on past due utility bills, establish reasonable payment plans, and avoid service interruptions. For more information, please visit or call (216) 574-7100 and let them know what type of program you need.