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Cleveland Water is proactively addressing lead service lines in our system. We have good data on what the materials are on the city's portion of the service lines in our entire system. However, we don't know what is on the privately-owned customer side of the service line that runs through your front yard into your home. This is where you can help us help you - our customer. By doing a simple test and providing your results, you can tell us what material your portion of the service line is made of. This will help us better inventory materials throughout our entire system and better target how we can continue to proactively address lead service lines.

Do I have lead plumbing on my property?

Like many older water systems, some homes and businesses in the Cleveland Water System may have lead service lines on their property, or have plumbing that contains lead, copper with high lead solder or brass fixtures that may contain lead. 

How to Test Your Plumbing

  • Take a penny and gently scrape the pipe that comes out of the wall or basement floor before the water meter. See Diagram Here.

There are typically three types of pipe material you will see: lead, copper or galvanized steel.


No Magnet

Lead Pipe

  • A magnet will not stick to a lead pipe.
  • Scratch the pipe with a coin. If the scraped area is shiny silver and flakes off, the service line is lead.

No Magnet Penny

Copper Pipe

  • A magnet will not stick to a copper pipe.
  • Scratch the pipe with a penny. If the scraped area is copper in color, like a penny, your service line is copper.


Galvanized Steel Pipe

  • If a magnet sticks to the surface, your service line is galvanized steel.
  • A scratch test is not needed. If you scratch the pipe, it will remain a dull gray.

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