Check City-Owned Service Line

Check Your City-Owned Service Line

Check our online database by completing the information below to learn if your city-owned service line is likely to be lead. The city-owned portion of the service line extends from the water main in the street to the shutoff valve near the sidewalk or tree lawn. 

  • Like many older water systems across the country, the Cleveland Water system does contain some city-owned service line lead connections.
  • In general, if your home was built after 1954 or your connection is larger than one inch in diameter, it is unlikely that you have a lead city-owned service line.
  • We replace lead city-owned service lines when we replace water mains and when they are uncovered during emergency repairs.
  • To see a map of our service area that shows the percentage of Cleveland Water's cityside connections that are suspected to be lead, click here.

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