Straight from the Tap

Make Sure Your Water Is There When You Need It, Never Open Fire Hydrants!

When the weather is extremely hot, some residents take it upon themselves to open hydrants in an effort to beat the heat. While we agree that Cleveland Water is cool and refreshing, opening hydrants can be dangerous, costly and a big waste of a valuable resource. Often, this illegal activity results in serious injuries and sometimes even death. 

Fun Mid-Summer Community Events Make Everyone Happy!

Lots of fun was had at the 12th Annual Family Unity in the Park event at Luke Easter Park, this past Saturday! A large health fair was part of the event, with Cleveland Clinic offering free screening services for blood pressure, diabetes and more for adults. A kiddie park was also on site for younger children (which sounds much more enjoyable). Throughout the day, live performances by nationally and locally acclaimed artists entertained the masses.

Water Quality Makes a Difference

One of the biggest responsibilities for Cleveland Water, if not the biggest, is to produce high quality and great tasting water to our customers. One of the main people whose job it is to ensure this happens  is Scott Moegling, Water Quality Manager for Cleveland Water. We had the opportunity to sit down with Scott and speak with him for a few minutes to find out a little about him and what he is responsible for.

REPAIR UPDATE - East 49th Street and Harvard Avenue Water Main Break

UPDATE: The old water main was removed and the new pipe was installed and put back in service by 6pm, Thursday evening. The sidewalk and bus pad will need to be replaced and the street restoration will begin today and proceed through next week. We will continue to post updates on the street restoration process as it moves forward.


Staying cool for summertime fun time!

Summertime – the time of year we have all been waiting for! It is time for warm weather, cookouts and picnics, vacations, and getting the chance to do some of our favorite outdoor activities like biking, swimming and gardening. It’s all fun and games…until…we realize we’ve been in the sun all day without protecting ourselves from sun burn or heat stroke. As a result, we find our days of fun in the sun ending with trips to the emergency room.

Show your love for Cleveland tap water

Have you seen the poll on Eight plus hours in and tap water’s still in the lead!

Here’s another reason to #tapintoit …$0.82

To see an enlarged version of the infographic, click here.

Spray basins are a great way to keep cool during the heat of summer

The City of Cleveland’s spray basins are a great, inexpensive, and safe way to stay cool this summer! Located throughout the city, spray basins are large sprinklers that spray water on a continuous basis. They run Monday through Sunday from 12 to 6pm when temperatures are 80 degrees or higher.

A More Advanced Way to Monitor the Great Lakes

Attendees at Great Lakes Adventure Week will be able to get up close and personal with a new environmental weather buoy on Friday, June 25 and Saturday June 26. A display featuring real-time data from a local buoy and information on how the data is utilized will be a part of the event at the Great Lakes Science Center.

Parade the Circle - Another Great One in the Books!

This past Saturday was the much anticipated 26th Annual Parade the Circle in University Circle and Circle Village. Despite the gloomy skies and rain, everyone enjoyed the colorful and artistic parade with its incredibly creative floats, puppets and costumes.

Kids and adults alike joined in our Jumping with Water hopscotch activity, learning important and healthy tap water tips along the way.

Getting to Know the Nottingham Water Treatment Plant

The Nottingham Water Treatment Plant is one of Cleveland Water’s four interconnected water treatment plants, built on seventy-seven acres of City owned property bounded by St. Clair Avenue, Chardon Road, the Nickel Plate Railroad and Euclid Creek. Nottingham was built to help meet increased demand spurred by a sudden growth in suburban residents on the east side in the 1940s.  Nottingham was placed into service in September 1951. The cost of building the plant, including the Intake extending several miles out into Lake Erie, was approximately $21 million.