Straight from the Tap

Proposed Cleveland Water Rates for the Next Five Years

Cleveland Water takes its responsibility to deliver a reliable supply of safe drinking water at an affordable price seriously. We have worked hard to identify ways to improve service levels and become more efficient. As we enter our next five year rate cycle, we are excited to announce this hard work—and our forward thinking approach to how we have invested in our system over the past 30 plus years – has put us in a position to not raise our rates for the next three years.

Downtown and near west customers may experience discolored water.

UPDATE 10/9/15 3:30pm:

Discolored water that originated from our Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant is now running clear in plant samples and any affected customers should begin seeing their tap water clear by evening if they have not already. The water remains safe to drink and affected customers can resume laundry as normal when the water is visually clear.

Water is safe to drink; No boil alert in effect.

Protect Your Home This Winter from Costly Repairs

With winter just around the corner, take these simple steps to keep your water pipes and meter from freezing when the temperatures drop.

Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses.
Detaching the hose allows water to drain from the pipe. Otherwise, a single hard, overnight freeze can burst either the faucet or the pipe it’s connected to.

Cleveland Water Hosts OAWWA Conference

The 77th annual Ohio Section American Water Works Association conference was held in our great city last week. Over 800 representatives from different parts of Ohio were in town to take part in this conference; and the timing could not have been any better. With the threat of algae blooms lurking closer to Cleveland, this issue was a major topic of discussion. The conference provided a great opportunity for some of the best and brightest water industry experts to gather and share ideas on the water treatment and the future of the water treatment process.

Still No Local Concerns Despite Recent News About Algal Blooms

In light of recent satellite imagery and model predictions, as well as shoreline detects by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD), Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) continue to make the news in communities across Lake Erie. Despite this news, your Cleveland Water is still safe, quality water that you can enjoy straight from your tap.

Questions Answered for Cleveland Heights Residents and Businesses

Cleveland Water is committed to providing great service and a quality product at an affordable price in order to make Cleveland and Northeast Ohio an attractive place to live, work and raise a family. For the past several months, Cleveland Water and the City of Cleveland Heights have been in on-going discussions about the possibility of Cleveland Heights transitioning from a master meter to a direct service agreement. As a result of these discussions, we have received calls, emails and social media inquiries asking what all of this means.

A Great Day Celebrating Cleveland Burning River Fest

This past weekend we celebrated Burning River Fest down on Whiskey Island, sharing the importance of water with many others dedicated to keeping our local water resources clean and thriving. Participants readily flocked to our water buggy to refill their reusable bottles with safe, quality Cleveland tap water.

The Fest celebrated Cleveland’s historic Coast Guard Station with lots of delicious food, live music, vendors, live cooking demos and of course, a variety of great beer from the Great Lakes Brewing Company. All this with a lovely view of Lake Erie in the background.

Clean Water, Powered by PechaKucha Video

A few months ago, Sustainable Cleveland held an event called "Clean Water, Powered by PechaKucha", which featured eight presentations on the topic of Clean Water. PechaKucha, Japanese for "chit-chat" and pronounced "peh-CHAK-chah", is a style of presenting where each person is allowed to show 20 images of their work and each image is pre-timed to 20 seconds. All of the presenters were local Clevelanders who presented their work around the theme of clean water, in honor of this Sustainability’s 2015 “Year of Clean Water” theme.

Trivia Thursdays at Edgewater Live

The last few Thursdays proved to be not only fun but educational at the same time. Cleveland Water teamed up with Cleveland Metroparks to host a series of trivia questions in hopes of educating people a little more about our water system. Winners of each of the six questions received a $75 gift certificate for SUP CLE Stand Up Paddleboarding.

Clean Water, Efficiency and Manufacturing helps protects our valuable Lake Erie

We're glad to have been a part of Sustainable Cleveland's conversation on clean water. This video is part of a series of videos Sustainable Cleveland is creating to highlight different organizations, community leaders, and projects that are taking action to help clean our water. The video features our Interim Commissioner Alex Margevicius as he talks about our water system and discusses a great feature that Cleveland Water has implemented called Leak Notifications. Check out the video below and join us in celebrating our freshwater resources.