Straight from the Tap

Water in Beachwood is Safe to Drink

There is currently no boil alert or any other water alerts regarding consumption for the city of Beachwood. 

Deadline Extended for Cleveland STEP Applications

The deadline for applications for the 2018-19 Cleveland Student Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) has been extended to Tuesday, July 31! Apply today!

DO in H2O: How Low Dissolved Oxygen Creates a “Dead Zone”

Each summer, pockets of water with low levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) develop in areas of Lake Erie’s Central Basin, which stretches from Sandusky to Erie, PA.

DO in H2O: What is Dissolved Oxygen and How Does it Affect Your Water?

Have you ever set a glass of water on your bedside table only to take a drink out of it a few days later and think the water tastes “flat” or different? Chances are the water is missing dissolved oxygen. Dissolved oxygen (also called DO) is gaseous oxygen dissolved in water that you can’t see. Generally speaking, the more dissolved oxygen in the water the better it tastes.

Cleveland Water is Prepared for Summer Water Quality in Lake Erie

The Cleveland Water system is designed with numerous layers of protection to help ensure only clean, safe drinking water reaches your tap. These advantages start with the location of where we draw water in from Lake Erie, extend to our four treatment plants, and continue throughout our delivery system.

Cleveland STEP Applications Due July 16 - Apply Today!

The deadline for applications for the 2018-19 Cleveland Student Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) is less than a week away! Applications are still open, so apply today!

Get to Know the Water Buggy

You may have seen it recently at a community event near you. If not, you likely will soon. It’s our Cleveland Water water buggy.

Discolored Water No Cause for Concern

We are aware that some customers on the west side of Cleveland are experiencing discolored water. We want to assure our customers the water is safe to drink. The discoloration is likely due to a change in the direction of water flowing through some water mains. This change in flow direction can stir up sediment settled at the bottom of the mains. 

Going on Vacation? Do This for the Best Quality Water When You Return

Going on vacation? We bet you’ll miss the taste of Cleveland Water. When you return there is an important step that you should take to ensure the water you love is the best possible quality: flushing your plumbing.

How to Control Summer Water Use

Warm weather usually means increased water use for our customers. When temperatures are higher in the spring and summer, we tend to do more of the activities that use water such as gardening, filling our pools, running sprinklers, and taking extra showers.