Straight from the Tap

Where Your Dollar Goes: Part 3


Ever wonder what happens to your money when you pay your water bill every month?  At Cleveland Water, we know you work hard for that money. We operate entirely on revenue from ratepayers, so we want to be accountable to our customers for every dollar we spend. That’s why we created an infographic to show exactly how we spend those dollars.

Customer Service & Administration

$0.08 of every dollar goes to providing quality customer service at all levels of customer interaction. Whether through our permitting staff, our Call Center, or our staff in the field like Meter Technicians, we strive to engage our customers with courteous, quality, and timely service.

Working behind the scenes to make sure we regularly meet and exceed our customers’ expectations is a large support system. This support system includes IT staff, accountants, human resources and administrative staff that keep our operation running smoothly and efficiently.

$0.08 of every dollar goes to pay for the technology that serves as the backbone of our customer, water treatment, and distribution systems. Whether it’s hardware or software, these systems require regular monitoring, maintenance, and enhancements to create a reliable, efficient, and enhanced experience for both our customers and employees.

$0.06 of every dollar goes to the make sure public dollars are accounted for and that we have a professional and qualified workforce. Cleveland Water recognizes that investment in our employees is just as important as investment in our tangible assets. This category includes recruitment and training of employees, safety training, financial accounting and budget creation and monitoring.

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