Straight from the Tap

Where Your Dollar Goes: Part 2


Ever wonder what happens to your money when you pay your water bill every month? At Cleveland Water, we know you work hard for that money. We operate entirely on revenue from ratepayers, so we want to be accountable to our customers for every dollar we spend. That’s why we created an infographic to show exactly how we spend those dollars.

Water Treatment & Delivery

At Cleveland Water, we recognize that safe, quality drinking water is critical for the health, life, and growth of our community. That’s why $0.33 of every dollar we spend goes to pay for the everyday operation and maintenance of the Cleveland Water supply system; ensuring that our water treatment plants, pump stations, tanks and towers, and distribution mains produce and deliver the highest quality water to homes and businesses across our 640 square mile service area. This includes:

  • 4 interconnected water treatment plants
  • 5,300 miles of water mains,
  • Approximately 440,000 active water connections,
  • 74,971 fire hydrants,
  • 67,733 valves,
  • 21 water storage facilities (tanks and towers), and
  • 5 major and 11 secondary pump stations.

$0.16 of that $0.33 goes to operate the four water plants that produce a reliable supply of safe drinking water. The health of our customers and community is of vital importance to us. Water treatment plants operate 24/7/365 and water quality is regularly tested at every step of the treatment process from intake to delivery.

The remaining $0.17 goes to pay for the engineering and maintenance of the distribution system that delivers a constant supply of safe, great-tasting water when and where our customers need it.

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