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What You Can Expect from the Water Review Board


The purpose of the Water Review Board is to provide a neutral forum to settle disputes concerning your water service. The Board is not an extension of the collections process. Instead, the Water Review Board acts as an objective third party in order to make unbiased decisions about your dispute based on the facts presented in each case.

Water Review Board hearings take place at the Carl B. Stokes Public Utilities building located at 1201 Lakeside Avenue in Cleveland. In the hearing with you will be members of the Water Review Board plus a Cleveland Water representative to present relevant account information before the Board.

It is important to know, the members that make up the Water Review Board are Cleveland Public Utilities employees who are not affiliated with our Cleveland Water Customer Service, Billing or Collections Units. Areas of the department they may come from include, but are not limited to, Engineering, Public Education and Outreach, Human Resources, and Cleveland Public Power.

During a hearing you have the right to hear any facts, evidence or testimonies the Water Review Board will use to reach their decision. You will also have the opportunity to present your own information and provide anything further you believe may be helpful to the Board in reaching a decision.

Generally, the hearing takes about an hour. Following the hearing, the Board will discuss your case and render a decision. A letter with the Board’s decision will be sent approximately 10-14 business days after.

For eligibility and information on how to request a Water Review Board hearing, please click here.

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