Straight from the Tap

UPDATED - Discolored Water Notification


UPDATE - 6/13/17 12 p.m.

The discoloration that was affecting water in the vicinity of E. 152nd Street has been resolved. If you are still experiencing discoloration, run your tap for a few minutes until the water runs clear. If possible, use the lowest sink in your home for flushing (ex., a basement utility tub). Use cold water only! If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our 24-hr Emergency Service Line at 216-664-3060.

Earlier today, Cleveland Water crews isolated a section of transmission mains in the vicinity of East 152nd Street for scheduled repairs. As a result of the change in flow, residents may notice some discoloration in the water. THERE IS NO BOIL ALERT, and the water is safe to use. Residents may want to refrain from doing any laundry because it could stain your clothes.

Crews are currently out flushing hydrants in the area to help clear the issue. If you are still experiencing discolored water in the morning, please call our Emergency Line at 216-664-3060.

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