Straight from the Tap

Two Cleveland Water Plants Recognized for 15 Years of Superior Water Quality


The health and safety of our customers is of vital importance to us. We know that safe, quality drinking water is critical to the wellbeing and growth of our community. That’s why we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality drinking water.

Two of our four water treatments plants were recognized this week for their consistent high-quality performance and commitment to optimization. Both our Garrett A. Morgan and Crown Water Treatment Plants received the 15-Year Director's Award from the Partnership for Safe Water.

Cleveland Water, like all public water system, is required to meet all state and federal drinking water rules and regulations. As part of these rules and regulations, we test our water thousands of times per year and report on the safety of their water regularly to all customers that they serve.

But we hold ourselves to an even higher standard than what’s required. Cleveland Water participates in the Partnership for Safe Water. The Partnership is a voluntary effort between six drinking water organizations and more than 300 water utilities to maintain higher water quality standards than those required by law.

As part of our participation in the Partnership, we conduct annual performance and operational assessments of all four of our water treatment plants. These assessments are peer-reviewed by a team of utility optimization experts to determine whether the information meets the criteria for the Director's Award, also called Phase III status. The Directors Award establishes utilities as high-performing providers of safe drinking water.

All four of our water treatment plants have achieved Phase III status. In 1997, our Nottingham Water Treatment Plant was first of the four to achieve Phase III status and has maintained it for 22 years. Our Baldwin Plant has maintained Phase III status for 12 years.

Besides achieving 15 years of Phase III status, our Crown Water Treatment Plant has also achieved Phase IV Excellence in Water Treatment Operation status since 2015. This status represents the highest possible level of performance that can be achieved in the Partnership program. It is awarded to systems that meet all of the Partnership’s water quality optimization goals and operational requirements.