Straight from the Tap

Trivia Thursdays at Edgewater Live


SUP CLE Stand Up Paddleboarding area courtesy of Cleveland Water

The last few Thursdays proved to be not only fun but educational at the same time. Cleveland Water teamed up with Cleveland Metroparks to host a series of trivia questions in hopes of educating people a little more about our water system. Winners of each of the six questions received a $75 gift certificate for SUP CLE Stand Up Paddleboarding.

We introduced the questions to our audiences over our social media channels -- Facebook and Twitter, and offered hints as to where they could find the answers. It was almost like an intellectual scavenger hunt. Trivia itself took place during the band intermission and people worked very hard to answer the questions correctly!

Below you will find the correct answers to all of the trivia questions:
1) How many miles of water mains does Cleveland Water have in their system?
Answer: 5,200 miles

2) How much would you save per year if you switched from bottled to tap water in Cleveland?
Answer: $1,756 /year

3) Cleveland's the 9th largest water system in the US, serving how many people?
Answer: 1.4 mil

4) Cleveland Water’s service area is divided into 4 zones determined by your distance and elevation from the lake. Why is this important to a customer?
Answer: The farther you are from the lake, the higher your water rates are because it costs more to pump water to your home.

5) You can do all of the following on Cleveland Water’s web portal except: A) monitor use B) pay a bill C) sign up for leak detection notices or D) pay a fee.
Answer: Pay a fee

6) Name one way to stop your water meters and pipes from freezing BEFORE cold winter weather strikes, protecting your home and saving you from costly repairs?
Answer: Look under our Winter Preparedness tab for a list of actions you could take to protect your meter and water lines from freezing.

We want to thank Metroparks for the opportunity and everyone else for participating and making this a successful event. Congrats to the winners!