Straight from the Tap

Sunday’s Discolored Water for Eastern Suburbs No Cause for Concern


Image courtesy of @mwmallon

On Sunday, May 17th, we experienced a brief power outage at one of our eastern pump stations. As a result, some customers in Beachwood, Solon, Orange, Pepper Pike, Mayfield Heights and Woodmere experienced discolored water. Crews were dispatched and worked through the night to flush hydrants and help clear the water as quickly as possible. As of Monday morning, the water was back to normal and no further reports of discolored water were received.

It is important to know that while discolored, the water was always safe to use as normal and the situation was monitored throughout by our water quality experts.

Discolored water is actually a common occurrence, especially at this time of year when community fire departments are flushing hydrants. Should you experience discoloration, try turning on the faucets in your home and letting the water run for a few minutes. It should take about 3-5 minutes for the water to become clear again. If it does not, or if you have any questions, we encourage you to call us at 216-664-3060 to report the problem.

We take pride in ensuring that you always have access to safe, quality water when you need it.