Straight from the Tap

Save Money on Filling Your Pool


Now that summer is once again upon us, you’re probably getting your pool ready as quickly as possible in order to stay cool. In case you didn’t already know, Cleveland Water allows customers to fill pools from a hydrant in order to help save money.

To fill your pool using a hydrant, you’ll need to obtain a hydrant permit by presenting the following items to our Permits and Sales Department:

     •  The address of the hydrant or the address of the dwelling closest to the hydrant,

     •  Permission in writing from the fire chief in the jurisdiction you reside, and

     •  The number of gallons needed (or the depth, width, and shape of the pool). 

Once these items are presented, you’ll be given the price for the permit based on your specific needs. 

Please note, when opening a hydrant for the first time, you may experience discolored water. We recommend that you allow the water to run for a few minutes until it is clear before beginning to fill your pool.  
If you choose to fill your pool directly from your domestic/main water supply, the additional usage will reflect on your water and/or sewer bills.  The usage will not be discounted unless you are enrolled in a discount program provided by your sewer provider.

Click here for more information on how to obtain your hydrant permit and stay cool this summer!

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