Straight from the Tap

No Local Concerns Despite Recent News About Algal Blooms


An overall image of what Lake Erie looks like on August 5, 2015. As you can see, the highest concentration of algae is located in the western basin.

Recent news about algae in the Western Basin of Lake Erie has raised some questions about the possibility of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) locally. The overall health and well-being of Lake Erie is a critical piece of the Cleveland Water system. As such, what happens anywhere in the Lake, and with our neighboring systems, is important to us.

Cleveland Water continuously monitors current and forecasted conditions and satellite images of Lake Erie in an effort to ensure safe, quality water for the 1.4 million people we serve across Northeast Ohio. Our Water Treatment Plants use sophisticated equipment to provide real-time data to our control systems. Additionally, our Operators and Chemists collect and analyze samples daily. Some tests are even run several times a day, and all are uploaded into our information management system to give Plant Managers and Operators a complete picture of our water supply.

There are currently no harmful algal blooms near our intakes. Additionally, we have not seen conditions that might alert us to the potential for harmful algal blooms near our intakes.

Cleveland Water has never had a detection for algal toxins in our raw water, however, we are investing in early detection equipment to serve as an added layer of protection; and, rest assured if Lake Erie conditions change, we have appropriate treatment to address any algae bloom and any algal toxins that a bloom may release.

In the meantime, we will continue vigilantly monitoring our source water and keep in close communication with neighboring water systems to stay current with lake conditions.

So, go ahead, tap into your Cleveland Water and enjoy!