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Morgan Surge Tank Makeover Underway


Work on Cleveland Water’s Garrett A. Morgan Surge Tank has officially begun. Contractors are currently sand-blasting, priming, and painting a blue top coat on the tank.

Once complete, world-renowned artist Sam3 will begin to paint the much-anticipated mural. The design for the mural was approved in March by the Cleveland City Planning Commission.

Cleveland Water and LANDstudio have been coordinating for over a year to bring this project to fruition. The art is being funded by a private donation, so no ratepayer money is being used for this project.

SAM3 spent multiple days in Cleveland this past January, meeting with community members, planning groups and interested parties as well as touring the Garrett A. Morgan Water Treatment Plant to gain input and inspiration for the design.

In his written commentary on the design, the artist states that “the concept is partially based on the [Greek philosopher] Heraclitus sentence ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice.’ The cycle of water is like the cycle of this tower: cylindrical, infinite. The idea is purposefully simple.”

The surge tank’s highly visible location along the West Shoreway, Lake Erie, and to West Side neighborhoods, is expected to draw attention to the tank, which is part of the infrastructure Cleveland Water uses to deliver a reliable supply of safe drinking water.

Below is a video that explains how a surge tank works.




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