Straight from the Tap

Make Sure Your Water Is There When You Need It, Never Open Fire Hydrants!


When the weather is extremely hot, some residents take it upon themselves to open hydrants in an effort to beat the heat. While we agree that Cleveland Water is cool and refreshing, opening hydrants can be dangerous, costly and a big waste of a valuable resource. Often, this illegal activity results in serious injuries and sometimes even death. 

Open hydrants can push out a lot of water in a short period of time. The pressure and amount of water can cause injury. Additionally, playing in the street where most hydrant water flows out to is dangerous for anyone, but especially for small children who may not be seen by incoming traffic.  

Open hydrants also make it very difficult for firefighters to keep residents safe. When firefighters have to go out and turn off a hydrant, they are delayed from responding to more serious calls. And, when fire hydrants are opened incorrectly they often break or cause a severe decrease in water pressure. As a result, residents and firefighters could be without water, or without enough water pressure, when they most need it.

Open hydrants are also more than just costly because of repairs, they can lead to basement flooding, street and property damage, and more.

Outdoor pools and spray basins are a great alternative to keep cool on hot summer days. So be smart when you need to beat the heat, drink water from your tap and check out your local pool or spray basin instead.

Check out local pools and spray basins to #BeatTheHeat this summer. Click here for the list of spray basins in the city of Cleveland.

Want to share your favorite place to cool off? Comment below and we’ll add it to our list!