Straight from the Tap

Lead Connection Lookup tool provides information about lead cityside connections


Cleveland Water has launched a new search tool for customers. The Lead Connection Lookup provides customers with the ability to determine if their cityside connection is likely or unlikely made of lead. This new search tool is part of our ongoing efforts to educate customers about lead and provide them with information to protect their health and the communities we serve.

Although the majority of connections are likely made of materials other than lead, the Cleveland Water System does contain some lead cityside connections. Lead was a common material used prior to the 1960s to establish connections between homes and the Cleveland Water System. These connections include a portion on private property for which the property owner is responsible and a portion for which the water system is responsible. In the nearly 70 communities we provide Direct Service to, the portion maintained by Cleveland Water is referred to as a cityside connection.

To create the Lead Connection Lookup, we carefully analyzed records to determine where lead may exist on cityside connections. When a customer enters their address, the tool returns whether or not the cityside connection is likely or unlikely to be lead, and why. In all cases where decades-old records were unclear or did not exist, we chose to assume the connection may be lead in order to ensure none were missed.

Also available with the Lead Connection Lookup is important information about where lead is most commonly found, what customers can do if they are concerned, and what Cleveland Water does to help keep customers safe from the risks associated with lead service connections and plumbing.

More information can be found at Customers with questions or concerns regarding lead in water, the Lead Connection Lookup tool, testing, or any lead-related information posted or distributed by Cleveland Water, can call our Lead Inquiry Line at 216-664-2882.