Straight from the Tap

Lead Cityside Connection Map


Lead was a common material used prior to the 1960s to establish connections between homes and the Cleveland Water System. These connections include a portion on private property for which the property owner is responsible and a portion for which the water system is responsible. In the nearly 70 communities Cleveland Water provides direct service to, the portion maintained by Cleveland Water is referred to as a cityside connection.

This map shows the percentage of cityside connections that are likely to be lead. It is meant to share information with our customers about where we believe there is lead in the Cleveland Water System based on available data. The map does not include information for our Master Meter communities such as Bedford and Lakewood because we do not maintain the connections in these areas. In all cases where potentially decades-old records were unclear or did not exist, we chose to assume the connections may be lead.

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And, use our Lead Connection Lookup tool to determine if your cityside connection is likely to be lead. To get more information about checking your own property, visit