Straight from the Tap

Investing in Our System for a Stronger Future


We know you work hard for your money so we want to be accountable to our customers for every dollar we spend.

Cleveland Water’s rates allow us to make necessary and critical improvements to guarantee our customers a reliable supply of safe, high-quality drinking water. We make these improvements through our Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Cleveland Water uses the CIP to identify our infrastructure needs, prioritize projects, and schedule them for funding and implementation through a multi-year plan. This planning enables us to make important investments in the infrastructure that treats and delivers your water in a way that ensures the efficient use of rate-payer dollars.

Past CIP projects include Cleveland Water’s Plant Enhancement Program (PEP). The PEP was a $630-million, 15-year effort to modernize and rebuild our four water treatment plants. As a result of the PEP, Cleveland Water has four state-of-the-art treatment plants to ensure safe water is available throughout our service area. 

We are continuing to build on PEP. Between 2017 and 2019, the CIP includes over $70 million of funding for investment in our water treatment plants.

Click here to view a photo gallery of our treatment plants and learn more about the PEP upgrades each one underwent.