Straight from the Tap

How Cleveland Water's Web Portal Can Help You Detect a Leak


Have you created a Cleveland Water web portal account yet? Our interactive web portal allows you to easily view your account details, including your bill and payment history, sign up for paperless billing, and set up automatic payments. You can also track your actual water usage by the day, or even by the hour.

Having the ability to monitor your water usage means that you can quickly and easily spot a potential issue and address it before it becomes a major problem. If there is an unusual spike in your water usage or continuous usage is showing at times when you aren't using water it could be the sign of a leak. This is especially important in the winter months since cold temperatures make plumbing more prone to leaks and cracks.

Once you create an account, customers with meters 1” and smaller receive leak notification automatically. If your meter has registered continuous usage for 7 days (168 consecutive hours of increasing reads) you will be sent an email alerting you that there may be a possible leak on your property.

To limit damage to your home, conserve water, and avoid a high water bill, you should check your property as soon as possible for dripping faucets or showerheads, leaking water in the basement or outside spigots, or leaking or running toilets. Check our website for tips on how to check for possible sources of a leak.

Having this information available to you means you can detect and resolve an issue quickly, saving you time and money. Find more easy ways to protect your home during winter on our website.